Getting Back to Normal at Work? #MindfulSocial with Roshaunda Green 

 October 22, 2021

By  fouts

We are still trying to navigate through what has become a perfect storm of crisis, with a pandemic, economic uncertainty, racial conflicts, political craziness, firestorms, floods, and hurricanes ravaging our country. The impact goes deep into our lives, both at home and at work.

Will we be going back to a normal work environment soon? Ever? It’s not likely that that’s going to be an easy transition for most of us. If we continue working from home, we’re going to have to give a lot more thought to both our home and work environment as well as the culture of the organization.

What will the virtual and in-person workplace look like? If it’s a hybrid, how will we manage to align with the values and culture of the organization? How will we look for work with virtual interviews and use social media to get a clearer idea of the corporate culture before we take a position?

Expectations have changed in so many ways. This week on Mindful Social, I’m with Roshaunda Green. She shares her perspective on some fresh ways to look at leadership and culture in this new normal, and some tips to network and the hunt for a job that fits the way we want to work going forward. Have a listen!

About Roshaunda
Roshaunda Green was employed at Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a Time Warner Company for seventeen years where she served in several roles. She held positions in Recruiting for four years, Organizational Development for three years, and Project Management for three years. Roshaunda was the Diversity and Inclusion Consultant in the People Development department for seven years. In this capacity, Roshaunda has also worked at several other organizations during her career. She worked at Georgia Highland College as an Adjunct Professor of Business Communications, Randstad USA as a Diversity Project Specialist and Cox Automotive in Sales.

Roshaunda earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Management, a minor in Human Resources Management, and a specialization in Project Management from Ashford University where she graduated Cum Laude with 3.5 GPA on the Dean’s List. Roshaunda also earned her Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Organizational Leadership from Ashford University.

Please feel free to connect with Roshaunda on LinkedIn and Twitter  to learn more about her.

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