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Transformational Conversations with Toi B. James #MindfulSocial

November 5, 2021

In our disconnected world, it’s harder than ever to have a conversation that allows participants to truly understand each others’ perspectives. Especially if we are not seeing each other eye to eye. When we come to a real meeting of the minds, it can transform the relationship and the perspective that each brings to the table.

So how do we learn to have these transformational conversations? I recommend you start by reading Toi B. James” book- Talk About It: 12 Steps to Transformational Conversations…Even When You Disagree.

 “A transformational conversation doesn’t have to end with a huge “ah-ha.” It could give birth to understanding a nuance you never considered but may now cause you to adjust what you do, how you respond, or what you say.

Listen to the podcast below and then go get this book!

Note: Mindful Social listeners will receive a discount on the soft copy of Talk About It:

About  Toi

Toi B. James is the founder and chief impact officer (CIO) of RedInk Enterprises, LLC, a boutique coaching and consulting firm – specializing in inclusive engagement and communications. RedInk provides collaborative, transformational experiences that ensure every individual is seen, heard, and respected to create an unyielding sense of belonging in all populations. She brings years of experience in the fields of DEI&B, communications, corporate responsibility, and public affairs – working within both private and public sectors – which prepared her to engage others at various levels to provide exceptional experiences and results. Toi is also the author of Talk About It: 12 Steps to Transformational Conversations…Even When You Disagree, where she shares successful techniques used in coaching sessions that will help you or your organization talk about the things that matter.


Website: www.redinkenterprises.com

Book: https://www.redinkenterprises.com/book-talk-about-it

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/redinkenterprisesllc/?hl=en

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/toibjames/

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