Chasing the butterfly of happiness

Are you chasing happiness like a butterfly, only to have it flit just out of reach? Social media feeds bombard you with images of perfect lives, and that nagging feeling of discontentment just won’t go away. Maybe you’ve achieved some goals, but the joy feels fleeting. What if there’s a better path to lasting happiness,

positive psychology

Positive psychology is sometimes dismissed as “merely happiness science,” focusing on the pursuit of joy. Those who say that are overlooking the amazing impact positive psychology brings to every aspect of our lives. It not only contributes to our personal well-being by promoting self-awareness, purpose, and living life with meaning but also to our abilities

woman suffering from burnout

I had a call this morning with a client who told me “It’s Monday, and I’m already feeling burned out and depleted!”. I get it. Can you relate too? Mondays can be overwhelming. This is in part because people tend to think about things that need to be done as soon as they get back

micro-steps to success

Every micro-step contributes to increasing change over time, and we move closer to our goals and enhance our overall well-being. Learn more.