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We've had radical change in how we work together over the last few years, and now– more than ever–it's time for us to be thinking about how we maximize the potential of our teams and our selves to be better connected and more effective with how we work with each other. When we connect with mindful intent, the potential impact to quality of performance and engagement is exponential.

I'm here to help bridge the divide between the uncertainty, burnout, frustration, and conflict and the cohesion and performance of your team. To help you move forward through the next phase of business with confidence and stability.

Janet Fouts Speaking


My presentations are never canned and always include a dash of humor paired with skills that anyone can adapt to their daily routine to reduce stress and increase productivity.


  • Conscious Communication for Sales and Customer Service
  • Creating a Culture of Mindfulness
  • Employee Wellness at work and at home
  • Mindful Marketing in Today’s Environment
  • Mindful Self-care for the Caregiver
  • DEI Matters

Team Coaching

Whether face-to-face or virtual, team coaching can help to bring everyone together, manage conflicts and diversity issues, improve performance, as well as improve interpersonal relationships.  A mindful approach to how we work as a team reduces friction and improves agile thinking and creativity. Who doesn’t need more of that.


  • Compassionate conversations–So you can turn conflict into opportunities to better understand each other, bridge divides and resolve conflicts
  • Team dynamics coaching- Leads to a better understanding of  the big picture, improving adaptability, communication and creativity
  • D.E.I.B. (Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, and Belonging) is more than a policy, it's a way of working together in a culture that encourages and supports collaboration, creativity and productivity.
  • Meditation and Mindfulness-Offering meditation training in the workplace improves focus, productivity, creativity, and overall wellbeing
Team Coaching - Janet Fouts
Private Coaching with Janet

One on One Coaching

I offer clients a mindfulness and emotional intelligence-based approach to personal wellbeing, stress reduction, and deeper satisfaction in life and at work. My approach is practical, accessible, and relatable, whatever your background. If you are looking for leadership and career coaching or personal coaching to live life with less burnout and more joy, grab some time on my calendar.


  • Career Advancement
  • Leading with Compassion
  • Managing Caregivers in the Workplace
  • Presentation and Speaking
  • Personal Mindfulness Practices
  • Stress Management


A retreat offers an opportunity to step outside of the current frame of mind and focus with mindful purpose on the subject of the retreat. This may be a retreat to improve communication with ourselves or with our team or to strategize for an upcoming marketing plan. The most successful retreat is when you leave feeling accomplished, energized, yet relaxed and satisfied.


  • Emotional Intelligence in Communication
  • Boosting Team Engagement With Mindful Self-care
  • Facilitating difficult conversations
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Self-care as a Success Strategy
Team Coaching - Janet Fouts
workshop with janet fouts


Workshops are currently held virtually and are always interactive, engaging, and customized to the needs of the user. Both one-off workshops that are precisely focused and longer 4-6 week series are available on-demand in addition to my own workshops. All workshops are customized to your needs so you can gain the skills you need to be your best self.


  • Mindfulness and Wellness
  • Working with the Family Caregiver
  • DEIB integration into any business culture
  • Mindfulness for the Busy Executive (human)
  • Building a Resilient Mindset
  • Managing Emotional Triggers

Why should you work with me?

If what you’re looking for is a cookie-cutter, check the box experience, I am most definitely not your girl. I bring a great deal of passion, curiosity, and a desire for what I do for you and your attendees. After over 25 years in the tech and marketing industries, I have seen the difference mindfulness makes in how we work together with emotional intelligence, resilience, and productivity.

Corporations like SAPAetnaAmerican ExpressGoogle,  and Proctor And Gamble have all instituted corporate mindfulness and emotional intelligence programs for their teams as well as their partners. So have a number of smaller companies with a focus on the health and wellbeing of their teams and client relationships.

 Not sure what you need yet? Let’s talk. I create custom programs that help you reach your goals and have a little fun while you're at it!

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