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Quarantine Fatigue? Yes. It’s a thing.

August 29, 2020


There is no denying that the past several months have been filled with many challenges affecting all areas of our lives. While creativity, grit and good ol’ perseverance has carried us through so far, many of us are experiencing quarantine fatigue. Yes, quarantine fatigue is s real thing that takes a toll mentally and emotionally.

We all want to return to real human connection – especially hugs – and our ‘normal’  pre-pandemic lives. However, we know it’s not that simple and nothing is going to change in the near future. No matter how much we wish it gone, the virus is not going to magically disappear.

Now, we’re tasked with figuring out what we need to do to adjust, adapt, and remain sane in our daily lives.

For me, it’s consciously bringing myself back to the present moment time and time again. Another helpful practice is refusing to get caught in the tirade of politics, tribalism and never-ending media stream that that blows everything up for attention. Not only do these things not serve us, they distract from what truly matters. What truly matters is that at this present moment, life is what it is, and we must adapt to it and accept it because this is what we can control. Our power lies in our response in each and every moment.

Gnashing your teeth and shouting at the moon might offer a temporary reprieve but it’s not going to change the basic fact of that we are living in a Covid world. All we can do is be present and breathe.

Ready. Set. Breathe
So, let’s just take a moment to take a breath and check-in with our self to see what is important right now in this moment. Is it really important that we have to go to a bar or a party or even a protest?

This micro-practice can be done anywhere, anytime. It’s useful before an important event, when you’re feeling stressed or locked into a mindset you want to get out of. It’s deceptively simple and is best if you practice when you don’t need it so you can call it up when you do! To do the practice, take 3 breaths.

With your first breath: complete yet gentle attention to the process of breathing.

With the second breath: let the body relax

On the third breath: ask, what’s most important now?

Pause and listen for the answer to come.

Sometimes when we are busy, we don’t listen to ourselves, so ask the question, and then allow the answer to come.

When we ask our self, from the very core of our values and shared humanity, does what we really need to do right now change? Or does it stay focused on what’s truly important and that is life, right?

It’s life, so let’s take a moment and get centered, get focused, and remind ourselves that like all things this, too, will pass. Our impatience is normal. If we fight, it will get stronger but if we recognize it and sit with it and lean in, it will begin to lessen.

Please let me know if the exercise above  was helpful. If you would like to explore more mindful exercises and articles, I invite you to join the Nearly Mindful Facebook Group!

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