Fu*k the Bucket List #MindfulSocial with Ayelet Baron 

 November 2, 2020

By  fouts

Ayelet Baron is an old friend here on Mindful Social, and I’m honored she asked me to preview her latest book, the first in a trilogy, called F*ck the Bucket List For The Soul- Discover The Wonder Of You.

Ayelet walked away from her corporate career to pursue her truth, to face her fears, and to create a life that challenges, fulfills, and enriches not only her own life but that of others.As we face so many challenges this year, everything has changed in mere days, and now is such a perfect opportunity to take a good look at the hows, whys, and why not in our lives and make a choice to see the opportunities we may have been blind to until now.  Listen up to hear more from Ayelet, and get the book!

About Ayelet
Ayelet Baron is an Author, Healer,  and Global Futurist Through masterfully facilitated guided sessions, books, and talks, she assists people around the globe in their transition to living a healthy life. Recognized as one of the top 50 global female futurists by Forbes, she has been described as a force of nature when it comes to envisioning a more humane world. Her work has been inspired by futurist Buckminster Fuller, who reminds us that “We are called to be the architects of the future, not its victims.”After a very successful career in Silicon Valley as a global strategist working in every corner of the world, Ayelet chose to write the books she wished had when she started on her journey of becoming a conscious architect. Ayelet is passionate about driving sustainable change and being of service to the next generation of healthy creators. She now offers guidance to those who are ready to trek into the unknown through her writing, guided sessions, and custom project work.

Find Ayelet on her website and social media below.

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