Out of Love- A Daughter’s Story 

 November 11, 2022

By  fouts

As many of you know being a caregiver for a family member is an unforgettable, and often life-changing experience. Today my guest is Lynn Abate-Johnson.

In her new book, Out Of Love, A Daughter’s Journey With Her Mom To The Endshe shares her story of 6 years as she cared for her mom with ovarian cancer, and how that experience transformed her in so many ways. In the book, she shares her story with heart and honesty but also her knack for problem-solving and organization that will help you navigate your own journey.

Have a listen to the show and share it with someone you know who is caring for a loved one!

About Lynn Abate-Johnson
In addition to being a caregiver and entrepreneur, Lynn is a stellar community manager. She’s currently growing the global online community as “the voice” of the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), one of the world’s most respected leadership development and professional coach training organizations.

She’s also launched a community for family caregivers to share stories, swap tips, and support each other in a community where she’ll be sharing resources and more. After all, we are all better off when we lift each other up! Sign up here.

Connect with Lynn

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