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At first glance, social media can feel immediate, frenzied, and incomprehensible. But to Janet, the online space presents an opportunity to develop authentic, long term relationships through mindfulness and generosity. She entertains and inspires audiences to think more consciously about social media strategy, brand reputation management, and content design.

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Session Title: Mindful social engagement- the key to real relationships with your market
Based on my book, “Mindful Social Marketing–How Authenticity and Generosity are Transforming Marketing”, this session brings the concepts of mindfulness; intention, listening, being present and focused, and yes, gratitude and generosity into context as marketers in this new realm of social media marketing. It is no longer enough to tell people how they need our wonderful products. Instead, we must talk with them and be generous in sharing information that gives them insight and helps them do their jobs better.

·      Set yourself up for success with clear intentions for your social outreach

·      Leverage social listening tools to reach your customer more effectively and gain insight into what they want (instead of what you want them to want)

·      Create a strategy for sharing your knowledge to deepen relationships with your market

·      Increase productivity in customer service and sales using your newly found knowledge

Session Title: Social Media Efficiency
Abstract: What are your priorities for social media? If it’s marketing your product or services, professional development or social sales there are ways to accomplish your goals without spending all day doing it! In this session I’ll share ways to:

·      Streamline your time on social media and still be effective

·      Identify the right networks to participate on and which are a waste of your time

·      Proven ways to reach your audience and define your unique value proposition from the competition

·      Build loyalty and evangelism with your audience

Session Title: Active social listening for sales
The technologies available to us to search social media are amazing but also sometimes mind boggling. With the right tools you can find where your market is engaging online and dig deeper to find influencers to engage to reach real people more effectively. In this workshop we’ll use social search tools that are readily available and affordable to locate specific market segments and learn to use active listening to start conversations and understand their needs.

·      Improve your ability to listen and understand what your market wants

·      Use what you’ve learned to become a valued resource for your network

·      Communicate more effectively by asking the right questions

·      Be present in the conversation and gain respect and authority

Session Title: Do’s and Don’ts of creating an effective digital strategy
The new era of digital strategies offers us unique opportunities to reach and engage our audience, but it’s easy to be distracted by the bells and whistles and the chatter. Success depends on fine-tuning your strategy at the beginning as well as during your social marketing efforts. This session helps identify your goals clearly and enables you to leverage the appropriate tools and strategies to make it all come together.

·      Overview of planning your digital strategy

·      Tools to evaluate how effective you will be and on what networks

·      Best practices for workflow and strategy implementation

·      Case studies of great digital strategies that work

Session Title: The joys and pitfalls of native advertising
Simply put, native advertising is highly targeted advertising content positioned in the user’s experience so as not to interrupt their normal behavior on that particular site or platform. Some call it “Pay to Play’ where ads or sponsored content is positioned to be seen as a useful resource to the user. I’ll share success stories and also how to avoid some of the common pitfalls of native advertising and influencer relations.

In this session you’ll learn:

·      A strategy to create valuable, relevant content for social sites or blogs

·      Building relationships with influencers in order to engage them for paid placement opportunities

·      Using native ads to reach an audience where trust has already been established

·      Understanding the rules about disclosure and transparency


This is not the end of the list.
What do you need? With the experience she’s got under her belt, Janet will create a custom presentation that reaches your goals.

Janet has presented  on social media at a number of conferences, workshops and summits. Have you got a remote team and you need to get everybody on board? Janet can do an informative session followed by a Q&A period to ramp up quickly.

Some of Janet’s presentations:

Slides available on Slideshare

Comments from attendees

“Thanks for ALL the info you shared at DocSummit. It was cogent and to the point. You have an excellent ability to gauge your audience and deliver the most effective powerful info in a crystal clear manner. I both admire and appreciate that!”
Claudia Crask SF Cutters Manager

@jfouts you were great at recent #SMCSFSV event. yr insights were right on target!”

“Janet Fouts is amazing. She created such an amazing training environment – full of learning, discussion, and actionable items. She is skilled, knowledgeable, and also a wonderful people person. I really really enjoyed learning from her and will hopefully take another course with her again.”

“She steps up to the plate and knocks one out of the park with her prediction that “Augmented Reality” is the breakout “wave of innovation” in new social media application services.”

“Janet Fouts was fantastic. Clear, knowledgeable, practical information and resources, applicable. ”

“I know from attending Janet’s webinars & SF WoW posts that she’s a rock star when it comes to social media”

“Lots of solid advice and link suggestions from a social media pro. A real bargain and easily as useful as a session at much more expensive conferences.”

“Very hands on and helpful, useful tips and all my questions got answered. ”

“I learned a lot about social media and how building a plan first makes it easier to use social media effectively. You are an amazing coach and I will be connecting with you in the new year to start your program. Thank you so much for helping me understand how this can change my business.”

“I enjoyed your presentation very much.  I thought you did a great job of explaining what’s “out there” in the Social Media world and how we can use it  and manage it.”

“Your presentation was one of the reasons I wanted to attend the conference, and you didn’t disappoint!  Now I just need to go over the notes I took and start taking action!”

“The presentation was fantastic! I’m a beginner who needs a lot of help and thought your information was perfect. You’re a great speaker too – all feedback is positive from me!”

“I highly recommend Janet as a professional speaker, moderator, keynoter or panelist. Janet provides just the right amount of authoritative and credible presence while being very warm, funny and approachable at the same time. Having been in the tech industry for a few years and excelling as a true early adopter, she’s extremely knowledgeable about all kinds of technology–better yet, can deliver her practical know-how in easy to understand nuggets of wisdom and actionable information for any audience to understand. Tons of insight and fun to work with – I would consider myself lucky to get her again at any one of my events!” –Alyce Lindquist , President , Social Media Club San Francisco / Silicon Valley Chapter

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