Non Wels is a @feelyhuman and so are you! #mindfulsocial 

 June 26, 2020

By  fouts

Empathy, compassion, vulnerability, these emotions are a part of all of us, even if we don’t fully acknowledge them, and these days emotions seem to be taking us over from time to time, don’t they? 

This week I’m chatting with Non Wels, founder of the podcast You Me Empathy and the Feely Human Collective, a safe space for us all to gather and learn about ourselves and our emotional lives which is launching on May 27. Just what we all need right now!

Non has been on Mindful Social in the past, and I’ve been on his You, Me, Empathy podcast too. It’s always a pleasure to talk with this feely guy.

Listen to the podcast below.

Connect with Non and the Feeely Human Collective  on social media:

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