Empathy is a leadership superpower! 

 March 29, 2023

By  fouts

Empathy can help us navigate through life’s challenges and build stronger relationships with the people around us. With empathy as our guide, we can turn overwhelm into resilience and use communication as a tool for connection.

In the Businesssolver 2022 State of Workplace Empathy report, about 70% of employees and HR professionals believe that empathetic organizations drive higher employee motivation.

59% of employees surveyed felt fearful that reaching out to HR or a manager about a mental health issue because it might negatively affect job security.

In the same report, 77% of CEOs reported they felt they’d lose respect if they were too empathetic. The idea that #empathy makes you soft, or weak is an age-old belief whose time has come.

How are we going to change this cultural dissonance?
By recognizing that empathy is not a weakness, it’s a superpower we can use to help navigate life’s challenges, build stronger relationships and lead with a deeper understanding of the needs of others.

Step up!
Learn how to use empathy to build relationships, work smarter and lead better. Join us for our free workshop April 6 at 5 PM PT. on the power of empathy and add this superpower to your tools for leadership.

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