Do we have a disconnect? Ann Latham on Mindful Social 

 March 20, 2023

By  fouts

How are we communicating what we need to others? Can we have a conversation, give feedback or direction and feel we’ve represented our best selves? What happens when we don’t and things start to go awry? Maybe we aren’t connecting as best we could.

My guest on this week’s Mindful Social podcast is Ann Latham. She’s the author of several books on clarifying our thoughts and how we communicate them to others, improving our relationships at home and at work. When we begin to recognize the disconnects, we can vastly improve our communication with others, with more clarity and intention.

The Disconnect Principle illustrates how with engaging stories we can instantly relate to. Latham helps us improve our communication style with easy-to-implement frameworks that get to the heart of human interaction.

About Ann
Ann Latham is the founder of Boston area consulting firm Uncommon Clarity®, Inc. Her clients represent over 40 industries and range from for-profit organizations, such as Boeing, Medtronic, and Hitachi, to nonprofit organizations as diverse as Public Television, United Way, and colleges and universities.

Her leap from solving technical problems to solving broader problems that involve people, commitment, and confidence was a transformation not unlike that discussed in her book, The Power of Clarity And it is akin to the leap organizations and leaders must make from focusing on physical processes to making cognitive processes a priority and acquiring the tools and skills currently missing in organizations of all types and sizes.

Connect with Ann

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