The Hidden Crisis Destroying Your Corporate Culture 

 August 19, 2023

By  fouts

The pandemic forced many teams to abruptly adapt to remote and hybrid work models. While this provided flexibility, it also disconnected colleagues and eroded workplace trust. Without regular in-person interactions, skepticism and cynicism crept in.

Now, as more teams continue working in hybrid or remote work, leaders must proactively nurture trust. Here are 5 ways to support that:

  • Recognize the challenges of hybrid work.
  • Facilitate informal interactions.
  • Communicate often and transparently.
  • Set clear expectations.
  • Demonstrate trust through empowerment.

With concerted, consistent effort, leaders can restore a sense of mutual reliability among hybrid team members. But it requires investing time and attention daily, not just occasional check-ins.

Trust is rebuilt through openness, empathy, and demonstrating care for individuals – their needs, ideas, and abilities. Doing so produces psychological safety that drives engagement, innovation, and productivity.

While hybrid work poses new challenges, it also presents opportunities to involve team members in shaping a positive culture rooted in trust. Maintain optimism, lead with compassion, and commit to intentional interactions. The foundation of trust can be stronger than ever.

If you feel your team’s trust and cohesion suffering, don’t wait to take action. As an experienced leadership coach, I can conduct organizational assessments to identify issues, facilitate constructive conversations, and provide training to build self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Investing in cultivating trust now will pay dividends through improved culture, retention, and performance. Please reach out if you would like my guidance in navigating this transition. Reestablishing trust starts with acknowledging vulnerabilities and a willingness to change.

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