Procrastination Busting Workshop: Unlock Your Potential! 

 June 28, 2023

By  fouts

Did you know that we can actually use the tools of neuroscience to help us end the cycle of procrastination?

Here’s the thing, the saying “neurons that fire together wire together” is all about the neuroscience of our brains. Every time we put something off until later, we are training our brains to procrastinate.  We’re saying that that thing or action is not a priority or at least less important than whatever we do instead.

  • I don’t feel like finishing that project.  
  • I don’t feel like going for a run.
  • I don’t feel like exercising right now.
  • I don’t feel like telling my boss I want a raise.

Each of these things we don’t feel like doing are now negatives to our minds and something to avoid, and SO much easier not to do, aren’t they?

When we realize we’re repeating this type of self-commentary over and over and over again, how can we wonder why we procrastinate? We’re telling our brain and ourselves that it’s not really vital to do it now, if ever. So we do something more appealing.

 That sounds impossible to beat doesn’t it? But it’s not really.
Once we see the issue we can use our emotional intelligence and self-awareness to change the way we look at the things we’re resisting and make more intelligent decisions.

Generally, we procrastinate because it doesn’t feel quite right. Putting it off makes us feel bad, and that tells our mind that we shouldn’t do it at all ‘cuz it feels bad.

So we put it off some more, and now it isn’t procrastination that’s making us feel bad, it’s our self-judgment or a feeling of the world ending.

So we do things that do make us feel good. We do things that cause a dopamine hit. We do things that maybe aren’t so good for us at all– but for a moment– they make us feel good instead of how we feel when we put things off.

Yikes. What a mess. Have you been there? Do you feel it?

So, what are we gonna do about that?

What are we going to do about the way we feel when we procrastinate? Don’t get me wrong here, putting something off isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes it’s a purposeful thing, and I’d like you to change the way you think about putting things off. P

Procrastination is generally a negative, but it’s not always.
Sometimes we put things off for a very good reason. For example; the ground isn’t ready yet to plant flower seeds.  If we plant now they won’t grow. When we look at it that way we can say OK, when is the timing right for this project? What do I need to do to be ready when it is? Then take an active approach to plan it for the right time and let judgement go.

Stop beating yourself up for procrastination; all it does is make you procrastinate more.  Instead, use your emotional intelligence to better understand why procrastination is happening and what to do next.

Wanna change you procrastinating make you feel? I can help with that.
This workshop will provide you with tools and strategies to work with your procrastination mindset and feel better about yourself.

You’ll see more clearly when and why you’re procrastinating and how to work with in a healthy way. You CAN feel better about yourself as you start achieving your goals without putting them off unless that’s really what is needed. You’ll also be able to see the things stressing you out that you don’t really have to do at all.

No more shoulding!
Don’t put life off any longer – sign up now to finally reach your goals and be the productive, happy person you’ve always been!  

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