Meet Yourself – Antoine Eid on Mindful Social 

 November 6, 2023

By  fouts

We humans are complex beings. From the time we are children to in the working world, and much later in life, there are many factors shaping who we are and what we do. One of the many challenges of leadership is understanding the capabilities, talents, and potentials of each individual on our team so we can help them reach their full potential, which of course translates to the success of the company and the leader!

We can take strength tests and personality tests, but these often don’t get the full picture. For example, are we analytical thinkers, rational thinkers, social thinkers, or a combination of all these?

What behaviors did we bring with us from childhood and which did we learn as we journeyed through life and were trained in certain ways of doing things? But is that the way you want to express yourself?

Speaking for myself, sometimes we come to a point in life where we realize what we thought was who we are is only part of the story, and we begin to explore that a little. Diving into self-discovery and understanding has opened my eyes to new potential and opportunities I had been ignoring because it didn’t fit the mold I thought I should be in. WHEW!

Say hello to my guest this week, Dr. Antoine Eid, founder of Meet Yourself a unique approach to understanding ourselves through the triad of genetic DNA, neuroscience, and psychology. I have participated in the Meet Yourself program and the insights I learned from these tests have opened my eyes to a better understanding of my own potential and attributes.

After having taken all 3 tests and gone over the results with Dr. Eid I can certainly see how this is a boon to teams and aligning us all with our best selves. For managers, it’s a crucial tool to better understand team dynamics, engagement, and happiness at work. I could go on and on here but really, listen to the podcast and take the tests to meet yourself.

About Dr. Eid
Cr. Antoine Eid is a recognized leadership development consultant with a background in neuroscience. He has spent his career studying, teaching, and consulting in leadership and management across the globe. He is today a Senior Associate of the University of Cambridge and the CEO of the Leadership Consultants Group.

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