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The Social Brilliance of Pokémon Go

I am not a gamer. Sure, I play Words with Friends, but "real gaming", as my son would put it? No way. Until Pokémon GO. Launched a mere week ago byNiantic, in a partnership with Nintendo, as a project originally funded by Google, Pokémon GO immediately caught on fire.  In this interview with the CEO, John Hanke, he talks about the idea behind the game, and how it all star [...]

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Is it time for a social media purge?

I bet you've seen posts on Facebook or other platforms from friends recently who are un-friending, disconnecting, or purging their networks. This is partly because of politics, people are already exhausted and the real campaigning hasn't even started. But it's more than that. Social media is slowly becoming more social. That initial urge to have more "friends" than anyo [...]

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YouTube rolls out a built in chat feature on mobile!

YouTube is still huge, no matter what Facebook wants you to think. For the last 3 years watch time on YouTube has grown by 50% year over year. More than half of YouTube users come from Mobile devices, and the average watch time on Youtube mobile is more than 40 minutes! (Stats via YouTube ). Think about it, when you’re looking for a how-to video or that clip of the Tornado [...]

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Influencers! Must read > New Facebook guidelines for branded content

Facebook just updated their policy on "Branded Content" and it will have big impact for brands, publishers and influencers alike. In case you don't know what branded content is, Facebook defines it as "any post—including text, photos, videos, Instant Articles, links, 360 videos and Live videos—from media companies, celebrities or other influencers which features a third [...]

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Best Practices For Killer Facebook Video Ads

In case you haven't noticed, video views on Facebook are exploding. The site claims over 4 billion video views per day, a serious rival for Youtube. Content companies like Buzzfeed saw an incredible growth in their video views, reportably as much as 800% this year. Tubular labs created a report on the top 10 most watched video publishers on Facebook, with Buzzfeed's "Tasty [...]

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Looking into Facebook Audience Insights for Ad Targeting

 While we may assume we know who our market is and what their interests are, Facebook users are a complex bunch and marketing takes some fascinating and revealing twists when you really look at individual demographics, their habits, and interests. After all, Facebook's business is to categorize and filter, so why not take advantage of all the data they are collecting to be m [...]

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Want More Earned Media? Start with Generosity

Let's start wth the basics here. What is earned media? Earned media is media (or content) you don't own and did not pay for. Typical examples might be a blog post about your brand or product or a Tweet about how awesome your customer service is. Earned media is free, out of the goodness of the writer's heart. Who doesn't love it when we get unsolicited rave reviews? Accordi [...]

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Marketers, what's your story?

As marketers, we often have an idea of who we believe our market to be, what they want, and what kind of messaging will work for them. But are we really just talking to ourselves? We can be too close to the product and too specific about details our audience doesn't understand. Maybe we know what product is coming out next, and we want to prepare our audience for that. The c [...]

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