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Janet’s authored six books on social media marketing, all with the intention of making social media easy to understand and implement for your business. Check them out! Browse books

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Hating on Social Media - #NOTOK

Recent activities in Charlottesville and Seattle have been widely reported in the media and particularly on social media. What I have read and heard the last few days sickens me, and I agree with many that it is important,–no, vital–that we stand up and say in a clear voice, "Hate is not OK!". Not OK in our communities, on our streets, and not OK on social media. In [...]

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Why I'm using Anchor.fm for podcasting, and you might too

I signed up for Anchor.FM when it launched, but I really didn't use it. I already podcast on Spreaker, and I didn't want to dilute my brand with too many channels. But the app looked cool so I've kept an eye on it. Then my friend Adam Helweh sent me a link to this post about some new features in Anchor that are really cool. They've been updating the app a LOT. First though, [...]

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Social Media Listening - It's About Emotions

Let’s face it, most of us make purchase decisions emotionally, rather than logically. But much of the research we do when marketing products and services is focused on big data, filtered and sifted, often to get the results we are looking for rather than to divine what the customer wants. For decades, brands have focused on selling the product on hand rather than identifyi [...]

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The Conscious Company Global Leaders Forum

I spent a few days last week at the new 1440 Multiversity, attending the Conscious Company Global Leaders Forum. Here's my recap of some of the highlights. Created by Conscious Company Media,  the event showcased a variety of businesses, including organizations like; Oxfam, Combat Flip Flops,  L.A Kitchen, Patagonia, Go Pro, Linkedin, Rising Tide Capital and The American S [...]

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Graduates- Think about Your Brand

As Universities release students into the "real world" many are underprepared for today's job market.  Most students have a social media presence of some sort, but thinking about a professional brand hasn't been high on their priority list. It's not too late, but it's time to take a considered and mindful approach to what your brand represents in the world. Most importantly, [...]

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How to add Live-stream contributors to your Facebook page

In their continuing effort to grow video use, and especially live-stream on Facebook pages, the platform just added a way for you to have live-streaming guest posters on your page! That's pretty cool if you want to grow your audience significantly through videos from like-minded people or pages. To get started, you'll need to give the person access and you'll need to friend [...]

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Working mindfully - Inside Shift with Emma J Bell, @thetrueyoubook

I was a guest on the Inside Shift Podcast with the amazing Emma Bell this week, and our discussion brought out some of the elements in my life which moved me to deepen my mindfulness practice and write Mindful Social Marketing.  The frenzied nature of today's digital marketing business, living in fast-paced Silicon Valley, depression, obsessed with being online every minute [...]

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Average Time On Social Media, Are You Using It Wisely? #Infographic

Can you imagine you could spend 5 years of your lifetime on social media? Yes, it’s likely you can. According to the infographic below we spend more time on social media than we do eating (Maybe that’s a good thing). Of course this is consumer focused, but it still takes into account the time we spend marketing and “working” too. After all, we are all consumers. Taki [...]

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