Janet Fouts is a mindfulness and emotional intelligence coach, best-selling author, speaker, corporate trainer, and CEO of Tatu Digital Media.

My  coaching practice is based on an integral model of mindfulness, emotional intelligence and positive psychology. Through  self-awareness we can find the true potential in our lives, both at home and in the workplace.
 If you are seeking one-one-one coaching, in-house workshops or digital training programs, let's talk!


offsite leadership workshop

Mindfulness and emotional intelligence offer us essential tools for productivity and happiness at home and at work. I offer day long workshops, lunch and learn and off-site trainings.

Work with me if you'd like to reduce stress and experience greater overall well-being, increase leadership skills and improve communication skills. 


Public Speaking

public speaking

As a keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and coach I deliver actionable and insightful content about a mindful approach to social media, emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

Talk to me about how to manage stress and lead calmly with awareness of self and others through stressful situations.  

My Books


A best-selling author, I've written d 7 books, including the most recent, "When Life Hits the Fan- a Mindful Guide to Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others", and "MIndful Social Marketing- How Authenticity and Generosity are Transforming Marketing". Read about my books and how I can help you.

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Janet Fouts

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I believe in the power of human connection above all. The internet is a community, as is your team at work, as is your family and friends.
Through mindful awareness of ourselves and others we can feel balanced at work and in our lives. We can all be living with resilience, reduced stress and an improved capacity to get stuff done!

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