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There Is No Free Social Media For Business

December 10, 2013

Waay back in the 1990s I co-founded a startup on-line community for the restaurant industry. Ontherail was smart, funny, beautifully illustrated and edgy, and we had a rabid subscriber base of restaurant folk. Blogs were in their infancy and we used bulletin boards and comment streams on posts to communicate with our user-base and we […]

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10 Commandments for Twitter

June 30, 2013

Twitter is such a simple communications tool, yet people seem to really struggle with how to tweet. I guess that’s why my Twitter etiquette post is so popular. While the title of this post is somewhat tongue-in cheek, I really wanted to simplify the best practices for Twitter to their most basic form. I also […]

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Two Tools to Manage Twitter Chats With Ease

June 17, 2013

If you participate in Twitter chats regularly you’re as sad as I am to hear that Twitter’s API changes made it difficult for some applications to work. and were both casualties. OneQube As you can see from the screen shot, Smart Stream allows you to follow a hashtag in real-time, see who else […]

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Grow Your Twitter Following With Chats

February 25, 2013

Oh boy, another “how to grow your Twitter following” post! If you came here looking for an easy way to get thousands of followers without lifting a finger, move on. You’re in the wrong place. If you really want to grow a Twitter following that has any value as a network,  there’s no way around […]

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What Twitter’s Rate Limit Changes Mean to You

August 17, 2012

Twitter recently announced new rate limits on how many “hits” to the API it will allow. Now before your eyes glaze over wondering what that means, let me put it into English. When an application like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or a mobile Twitter app like Tweetbot checks your account on Twitter, it’s what is called an […]

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Follow Back? Yeah. Uh… No

November 5, 2011

If you’re one of those people who insist on being followed back OR ELSE don’t bother reading this. You’re not going to be pleased. I woke up this morning and reviewed some of my clients’ Twitter streams to find a few posts like this one. “FOLLOW BACK please!!!”. Now naturally I went to look at […]

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3 Social Media Horror Stories

October 31, 2011

Yes, it’s all hallow’s eve, and while the kiddies are thinking about candy and costumes and spooky houses they’ll visit tonight, business people have a different idea of what’s truly scary. Especially PR and marketing professionals who are watching social media speed up the reaction time of their customers to light speed. How can we […]

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The Art of the Retweet

October 11, 2011

On Twitter a Retweet can be a valuable way to share information with your network, build your following and pay homage to the person retweeted. Or it can be spam and a vain attempt to draw attention to yourself. You get to decide. But what’s a retweet you say? A Retweet is when you re-post […]

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A lesson in social media management for PR

August 10, 2011

You may have been watching one of those PR nightmares in progress, this time with healthy food giant Whole Foods? Whole Foods teamed up with Halal food brand Saffron Road to promote targeted products on their web site as well as some giveaways of coupons and gift certificates on their web site in their first […]

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Crowd source your next cup of coffee with Twitter

August 8, 2011

I ran across a post about Johnathan Stark’s crowd-funding experiment this weekend and I couldn’t resist playing along. Here’s the story. Johnathan created a web page on his site and uploaded a screen shot of his Starbucks Card. Anyone who wants a free cup of coffee can download the card to their phone, scan it […]

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