Revibe- A Nearly Mindful Retreat

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” – Maya Angelo

We’ve all had our high and low vibes the last few years. We’ve experienced a range of emotions, including joy, excitement, dismay, frustration, and loss.  Let’s let that go for a day, focus on self-care and just BE.

Because maybe what you need to be happy is to take care of YOU.

The Revibe retreat offers refuge from the world out there and permission to focus on your own self-care right here–in your heart.

  • What if you could take a day just for your own wellness and recharge your vibe?
  • What if that day would be full of heart, compassion, beauty, and gratitude?
  • What if you learned new tools to better care for yourself and those around you?
  • What if the retreat is to be held in a beautiful historic home with access to a gallery full of art to reflect on in the heart of Silicon Valley?

You’re invited to a retreat in Santa Clara, CA at the historic Jamison-Brown house on June 10, 2023  from 9:30 -4:30.

Join us!
Nearly Mindful has been hosting retreats for more than 5 years. The video above is drawn from two recent retreats. 

The time has come for us to leap back into the warm embrace of retreats that help transform our lives, friends, family, and communities. Step by step, we create and sustain habits of kindness, compassion, mindfulness, and resilience.

We’ll offer a respite from the world, a little play, mindfulness, and beauty, and settle into self-discovery with a group of fellow self-seekers.

What do you say?
If you have questions, call or text to 415.990.3991 or jump over to the event page and  grab your seat here!

Ready Set? 


You missed out!

Grab Your Seat!

The retreat is limited to 20 human beings ready to feel the joy of being with a group of amazing humans who all seek clarity, kindness, and contentment in their lives. 

The pacing of the retreat was perfect, each segment building on the last. As the days unfolded, deeper self-awareness arose. 

Tools to increase mindfulness were explained and demonstrated in simple, clear steps.

Janet has a nurturing personality that must be experienced in person to fully appreciate. She is a very wise, humble and helpful guide and, now, a friend.

She offered some seemingly simple lessons that made a profound impact on my approach to my business and home life. Now I’m able to cut through the mental clutter and get more done.

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