About Me

When I co-founded Tatu Digital over 25 years ago, I believed deeply in the power and promise of online community. We were on the leading edge, creating communities of practice, which of course led to expanding human connections through e-learning, social media, public speaking, and authoring 7 books on community, social media, mindfulness, and self-care for the caregiver.

I stand proudly as a speaker, author, facilitator, and coach. I've added to my marketing and leadership coaching with training in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, resilience, conflict management and working with team dynamics from diversity to compassionate conversation.

Janet Fouts

Now, when our communities need us most, I offer up the tools and skillsets to take better care of ourselves our businesses, our employees, and our communities. 

I'm a certified coach and resilience facilitator, mindfulness and meditation teacher. For individuals who want to learn more about living a mindful life and corporations who want to create a safe, productive and collaborative environment, I coach one-on-one or with teams, lead retreats, workshops and speak about mindful living.

My training over the last several years comes from Stanford Center for Compassion and Altruism Research, the National Wellness Institute, UCLA's MARC program, the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute,(created at Google)  and others.

My studies and exploration in emotional intelligence, mindfulness, positive neuroplasticity, and positive psychology led to launching a second company, Nearly Mindful, where I share my knowledge of mindfulness, meditation and bringing joy to life through a podcast, programs and writing.

Janet Fouts