Workshops – Janet Fouts


We offer a variety of custom-designed and interactive workshops that suit most every organization's needs. Popular topics include: Mindful sales strategies, conflict management, stress reduction, mindful social media, enhanced team dynamics through active listening and diversity and inclusion.

If you want your team to pull together and really work as a team, emotional intelligence and mindfulness can open their eyes to see each other and the company in a new light. Contact us today to set up a discovery call and let's create just the right plan for you and your team!

Offsite Leadership Meeting

offsite mindfulness meeting

A one or two-day offsite leadership meeting allows us to dig deep, harnessing the power to create breakthroughs in conscious goal setting, develop key leadership skills, and develop deeper relationships within the team, creating peer support and collaboration like nothing else.

Working together we can create a safe atmosphere for conversationally intelligent discussions and improve team synergy.           

Offsite meetings can be arranged at a variety of locations near your office or as remote retreats almost anywhere.


offsite leadership workshop

Working with mindfulness and emotional intelligence helps leaders to explore three key components:

Resilience under stress,  successful team collaboration and the ability to stay agile and lead in today's complex business environment.

Using meta-awareness we can learn to step back from the work we are IN and see that work from a more realistic perspective, including the emotional and cognitive aspects of the moment.

Workshops are offered in one-two days, or for enhanced learning an 8-week deep dive is available.

Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn meeting

Gathering the team together for a lunch and learn is an excellent way to develop good team dynamics. We can work to deepen relationships and introduce concepts like diversity and inclusion, how to reduce stress and conflicts and the role of mindful attention to develop effective communication skills. 

Lunch and learn opportunities are an excellent introduction to conscious business and emotional intelligence at work.

Work with Janet to set up a schedule of monthly lunch and learn meetings to dramatically impact your team's performance and happiness.