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March 20, 2009

One of the major reasons to use WordPress is SEO, and lots of other people have added to my knowledge base over the years. Remarkablogger put out some really awesome  tutorials a while back and I learned a lot from him as well as many others.

Rather than keep all that SEO goodness to myself I thought I share it with you. Take what’s useful and add your own favorite WordPress SEO tips and tricks in the comments! Keep in mind that you may or may not want to use all of these. I’m running most of them and don’t have any conflicts, but plug-ins have been known to conflict with each other or the themes you’re using, so take it easy.


WordPress All in One SEO Pack has been the acknowledged leader for some time, but Platinim SEO Pack gets even better. The biggest diffeence is now you can change your permalinks without getting dinged by Google or losing page rank. Platinum SEO will issue a 301 re-direct to the new location. VERY cool.

SEO Friendly Images Let’s face it, we all forgt to put in those important alt and title attributions, but it really can be a tool to get you better SEO. This plug-in does it for you when you forget.

Google XML Sitemaps creates a Google compliant XML sitemap nd updates the map with every new post or edit.This is a good thing and not just for Google. Most of the major serach engines appreciate an XML site-map.

Speaking of search engines. They really do still like robots meta tags. Robots Meta will add them for you. It will also create nofollow category listings to prevent the dreaded Page Rank leakage.

Cross-linker allows you to pre-select words you want hyperlinked to defined URL’s. Don’t over use it, but this kind of linking can help you get better SEO and help users find tose deeply buried treasures in your blog. Remembr though to keep your keywords to a minimum. Loading up a post with criss-links can make it painful to read through, and after all, content is still the point!

Google Positioner lets you track your keywords in Google and see how you are performing.

If you’re not using Platinum SEO Pack or All in One SEO Pack which let you edit the url for your posts. you should think about SEO Slugs. This one lets you remove the “stop words” that decrease the value of the page. So you can make a long file name like”/what-you-can-do-immediately-for-higher-rankings” into “immediately-higher-rankings” and get much better SEO results.

WP Auto Tagger uses the Yahoo API to suggest tags based on contnet. Search engines like tags that are relevant to the content. (DUH)

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  1. A very short and nice list of neccessary plugins. Jose I don't think using these plugins will slow down the site as the list is very short.

  2. WordPress is a great script, i love it, a year ago i used some plugins for seo but now i'm trying to make my theme seo friendly myself, from your list i use Google XML Sitemaps, is very useful.

  3. When it comes to servicii seo and seo services there are only a handful of companies who really know what they're doing. Only these know what content is all about, fixing site issues, URL canoniclization and rewrites and getting you a lot of links.

  4. The cross linker is a great tool. I have used it in the past and have seen good results. You're right, the key is not to over use it. I would recommend using one or two keywords per page max.

  5. You're absolutely right. One needs to pick and choose which apps work for you and decide how much you are going to "load up" your blog with apps. If you aren't running a bunch of widgets and other apps too it's probably fine to run several of these, but the more widgets on the page and the more apps the slower the blog.

  6. All this plug-ins helps us with the blog SEO. But with so many plug-ins activated doesn't the blog get also too slow? I believe that one also should point out the downsize of this.

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