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Why I’m glad I upgraded my LinkedIn Profile

May 13, 2014

I generally don’t tell clients they need the premium version of the LinkedIn profile unless they are actively seeking work, new hires or work in sales, but I upgraded recently to give it a spin and I’m finding “Who’s viewed your profile” to be a goldmine of information for myself and my business,
who's viewed your profile on Linkedin
Learn more about who, why and how
I can see who views my profile, learn more about them and how they found me over the last 90 days. Did they also look at my competitors or co-workers? I’ll go look at those profiles and see how we stack up.

The timeline feature above displays how many views I’m getting over time and I cross reference that with my own events. Was I speaking at a conference or at a corporate training event? Maybe a blog post or shared item triggered a flurry of views? Click on a dot on the timeline to see who viewed your profile on that day.

what industries are my followers from on linkedin

Filter viewers by job descriptions, where they work and how they found you
Click on the titles at the top of the graph and you can drill down to see where your viewers came from, what industries they work in and then scroll down to see a quick snapshot of who they are and investigate further. One weirdness here. Those titles at the top change when you reload the page, so if someone new visits your profile and you refresh the page the links change. If you lose the link you wanted to follow hit refresh a few times and it comes back. This can lead to obsessive reloading and drilling down to see who in which industries were viewing your profile!

Contacting people directly
Just because someone looked at your profile doesn’t mean they are an instant fit. Get to know who they are before you connect. Check out their other social profiles and see if they are a good fit to connect with there. What do they write about? What can you share with your own networks? How can you add value to their networks and make them hglad the found you?

profile shots on linkedin

Not all users allow LinkedIn to share their data. Those will show up as anonymous. Some may show their industry affiliation and that’s it. In those cases a click on the search icon will show you a Google search of LinkedIn with a list of people in that industry. It won’t tell you who viewed your profile. It’s worthwhile to note that if you restrict this information on your own profile you won’t see other’s profile information in who’s viewed your profile. You gotta give to get.

In the new interface there are a number of different icons displayed below the person’s profile. If you aren’t connected you can click the + and a window pops up to send them a custom invitation message (be SURE to write something human!). If you are already connected you’ll see an envelope to send them a direct inmail.

You’ll also see specific posts that LinkedIn thinks would be interesting to your followers. Mouse over them and you’ll see how much that post may increase your profile viewership. You’ll also see suggested skills or content suggestions to add to your profile that would get you more views for people looking for that skill or service, even groups to join and company pages that fit with your profile contents.

All in all I’m happy I upgraded. LinkedIn is making great strides at being so much more than a place to dump your resume. Here’s LinkedIn’s video about this new feature. Check it out.

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