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What's your twInfluence?

Twinfluence - Twitter Influence AnalyzerTwinfluence is one of the newer Twitter apps out to help you gauge the value of your Twitter presence. The app measures the combined value of your followers and shows you some analytics you might not easily find about your network like the extended reach of your audience through the people who follow you. For example, my friends are currently at 639 and I have 659 followers. If any of my networks re-tweets a post to their network that gives me a voice there too. twInfluence calculates I could potentially reach 983,083 individuals through my extended network. Pretty cool. It reminds me of similar statistics on LinkedIn, where my extended network includes over 5 million potential connections.

Of course this info means relatively little unless I have something interesting to say, and when compared to Twitter stars like Barak Obama’s campaign (9,265,838), Jason Calcanis (8,634,537) and Scoble(8,360,380) it’s a relatively small number. Still it gives me something to think about.

Other metrics you can get from twInfluence include:

  • Velocity-the average of first and second order followers attracted per day since I started using Twitter
  • Social Capital-the average of the first order of my network of followers
  • Centralization-how focused my network is on a small number of followers
  • Reach-the number of first order followers plus second order followers

Centralization interests me in particular because one thing I encourage people to do is get involved in a number of areas of interest and follow more than just a few of the high profile Twitterers. Why? Lots of good reasons, but the most important are that if you follow only one are of interest you are limiting your reach. I’ve found many valuable connections come from people who are in that second order of followers. I may be following someone about green who re-tweets a link to my blog on the Open Wine Consortium and someone in the network is a winery who then becomes a follower and possibly a client. TwInfluence founder Guy Hagen puts it this way “Centralization is scored from “very fragile” to “very resilient” relative to other twitterers at your network size, implying that a network with only a few high-profile followers is very sensitive to collapsing if those followers leave. Conversely, a network with low centralization is not very dependent upon any few followers for its collective reach.”

So what’s your twInfluence? Share it in the comments!

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Dale Cruse

Rank: #181
Velocity: 2,907
Social Capital: 982.9
Centralization: 8.34%

San Jose Chamber of Commerce Directory

Thank you for your insightful reviews Janet Fouts. I’m looking forward to the new gems/analytics you add to your website every few days. Thank you for adding me to your blog network as well. Loyalty is everything in the old boys/girls network. Thank you for being in my world. http://www.twitter.com/mickmonroe


Mine is pathetic…all these tools take so much time to use… small returns until you grow a very large network.


I know it can seem that way, but even with a relatively small network you can get good results. The key is, who is in your network and are they connected to the people you want to reach too? If so you get the benefit of their networks in addition to your own. It's really all about focusing your attention, finding the networks that attract the people you want to talk to and either connecting to them directly or through your extended network. As their networks grow so does yours by association –providing you engage in conversation so people hear you talking to your network.

Try doing a search at http://search.twitter.com or http://www.socialmention.com for a topic you are interested in and see who's talking about it. Follow them, but also look to see who they are connected to and if there are more people talking about the same interest area. Join in and before you know it you'll have a buzzing network.


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