What is Responsibility Fatigue? – Janet Fouts

What is Responsibility Fatigue?

In today’s busy world we can get caught up in the frenzy to do, do, do! Our responsibilities to family, friends, work, and community can be overwhelming. It seems there is no time for self-care, for personal growth.

Day to day responsibilities fill our calendar with tasks, but of course, that’s not our whole day is it?
There are all the little things which set our schedules off.

  • Taking care of home, family, friends
  • Running to the gym, the store, the airport
  • The office meeting or conference call that runs over
  • The late babysitter, partner, co-worker, delivery person
  • The unexpected call to take care of an ill family member
  • That request for “just one more thing”
  • The emergencies that aren’t really emergencies
    You can add to this list, can’t you?

When we allow ourselves to get caught up in the implied urgency of life, we pile on responsibilities and can’t let go, even if we don’t have time or energy.

No wonder depression, anxiety, and loneliness are at an all-time. As a caregiver for our family members, responsibility fatigue can become a way of “life” if we let it

That explains why we are so tired allll the time. Why it seems like there’s never enough time, enough space, enough money, enough life. 
Sound familiar? 
Want to learn how to free yourself from this endless loop?

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What will you learn?
How to identify when your time is being hijacked and what to do about it
How to skillfully deal with unexpected responsibilities
How to say no with kindness
How to care for yourself when you’re feeling overloaded, stressed and needing a time out

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