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Webinar Re-cap – How to Make Social Media Work for You

September 11, 2008


Thank you everybody for tuning in to the webinar, as promised you’ll find links discussed in the webinar below as well as a few that we didn’t get time to talk about.

Please give me your feedback on the presentation and share your ideas for future webinars here.

Click on the video to view the  Webinar.

Social Media Marketing from Janet Fouts on Vimeo.

Social Media Networks


For Non-profits
Social Edge

Technorati Find out where the disucssion is, and what the topics are.
My Blog Log Find other bloggers in your space
General Stats for WordPress
BlogCount Very interesting stuff about a number of blogging stats. and what people are saying about blogging.

Forum Software Roundup


Examples of social media in business

The Good
Comcast Cares
Jet Blue
Red Cross

The Bad

The Unfortunate
ExxonMobile corp

Measurement tools
Google Analytics
Google Trends
Xinu Returns
Cube Stat

Twitter metrics
Twitter Grader

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  1. Jonathan, Thanks for letting me know the link was down. Here's the video from the event starting with me talking about the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco.

  2. I enjoyed the webinar, thanks very much for all the info. I only listened to the audio, I wonder if there was a podcast? I’m still going through all of the links you sent. When is the next one and what is the topic? I’d love to see something for PR people just starting to explore Social Media with tips on how to do it.

  3. Hey, from one Fouts to another,
    Thank-you so much for the great information on social media. I am just starting out (newbie) in the information marketing world. I almost have my first eBook ready and will then be learning how to market. So your information was timely.

    I may need to have a conversation with you about how to optimize my blog, well, actually how to blog successfully. And probably how to use social media effectively without breaking the rules.

    Thanks again,

    Thomas Fouts

  4. What a great primer – kudos for putting it together with so much why and how information. And, of course, thank you for including us in the Measurement tools.

    It’s been really cool hearing from people how they’ve integrated our functionality into their work. Publishers using it to analyze audience engagement on their posts, to get inspiration for future articles, and to do competitive analysis. Companies using it to track engagement and communicate better. And individuals borrowing from both of those and just plain old managing their RSS reading habits better. 🙂

    The best part, though, I think, is seeing how people use not just our functionality, but mash it up to take charge of their social media user experiences. Like most new tools, I think our stuff is most powerful when combined with other apps, and it’s extra cool that the ability to do it isn’t just limited to those with developer skills.

    Melanie Bakers last blog post..AideRSS to present at the Amazon Web Services Start-up Event

  5. This was a very useful presentation. Thank you for giving us more than just an overview, but real actionable info.
    The links are very useful and I will be able to put together a plan to take to management for building our own campaigns.

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