Building a Twitter Strategy

March 1, 2009

Twitter can be an incredibly powerful networking tool for growing your business and even expanding your personal horizons.

OR it can be a terrific time-suck and basically useless. It’s all about how you approach this powerful network and engage on it that makes the difference.

This is a one hour on-line crash course in how to use Twitter:

  • Build a smart follow/follower strategy for Twitter
  • Using Twitter as a virtual resource librarian
  • Incorporate Twitter into your marketing toolkit
  • Improve customer service through Twitter
  • Get jobs and understand crowd-sourcing
  • Engage effectively and start a conversation
  • Schedule your Twitter time efficiently
  • Find the right Twitter helper tools for you
  • Measure and monitor Twitter’s impact on your business

This class is just $24.95 for the class and links to a list of resources to make your Twitter experience richer and more worthwhile. That’s an amazing deal for tips that can make a huge difference in your on-line relationship building.

Twitter Strategy

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

4-5 PM PST 7-8 PM EST

Cost- $24.95


Comments from previous classes:

“ Very hands on and helpful, useful tips and all my questions got answered. ”

“ Lots of solid advice and link suggestions from a social media pro. A real bargain and easily as useful as a session at much more expensive conferences. ”

“The TeleClass was really fantastic, it was like a mini-Unconference (which is high praise indeed). This could have been a two hour session and I still would have wanted more of what they were offering. ”

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