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Twitter and DMCA violations

Twitter DMCA ViolationA little while ago people were making a fuss about freelance author @RunOlgaRun who noticed a joke she posted on Twitter being shared without credit. She asked Twitter to take it down as a violation of her copyright and they responded by replacing the tweet in violation with the text.
“Tweet has been withheld in response to a report from the copyright holder.” .

The tweet below was shared by user @PlagiarismBad.

BREAKING NEWS: Twitter is hiding tweets reported stolen. And it’s referring to the author as a “copyright holder”

— Plagiarism Is Bad (@PlagiarismBad) July 25, 2015

It quickly went viral on Twitter and was picked up by a slew of news agencies, including Time magazine and many others as a new revelation of Twitter policy. While there’s no question that Plagiarism IS bad, Twitter has been responding to DMCA violations for a long time.

With a little research, I found tweets back to 2012 and this post by Gigaom about this message from @Mikko in 2012. Mikko Hypponen is CRO and security firm F-Secure and was apparently testing out Twitter’s newly announced DMCA policy.

So this isn’t new at all, but you should pay attention anyway. Plagiarism is bad. Attribution is good. Be good.

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