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Tweetdeck – another Air App for Twitter

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The parade of apps that support Twitter never ends, and that’s probably what both brings Twitter to it’s knees and keeps people using the app. All these shiny new toys cannot be ignored. TweetDeck is the newest of these, and, as usual, it was irresistible to sign up for the beta.

I’m a big fan of Summize for keeping track of topics that pop up on Twitter, and I’m also a big fan of Adobe Air clients that make my life easier, so beta testing TweetDeck is a no-brainer.

One of the things that drives me bonkers about Twitter is that when they start to get a heavy load they turn off pagination, or even replies. This means if someone replied to an interesting Tweet last night you’re going to miss it. Using clients like Twhirl let’s you view these older tweets, but you have to scan through a pile of content to get there, and in a pretty small window. This can be painful.

TweetDeck archives up to 168 hours of Twitter traffic in their databases, allowing you to see what you missed while you were offline.
Even if Twitter is offline, you can still follow the tweets that happened before the outage.

You can see your Twitter results in multiple columns, All Tweets, Replies, Group, and Search, making it much easier to quickly scan for what you wanted to find.

The group tab allows you to select Tweeters you want to follow relative to a topic, your friends, or whatever else you’d like, making it a lot easier to see what’s going on in particular areas of interest.

You can perform global Twitter searches using the recently incorporated Summize, or local searches of just your friends, and the results stay in the search window, updating automatically.

Overall it’s a solid app and a welcome addition to my toolkit.

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