Tiny Habits® Coaching

If you’ve heard about the powerful Tiny Habits process for creating change in your life, you’re in the right place! Here are two options to learn about Tiny Habits with me as your certified coach.

Take the free 5 day Tiny Habits challenge!

The 5-day challenge is a digital coaching offering that has been offered to thousands of people around the world. Sign up for the challenge below and you'll be assigned a trained coach for the challenge.

  • You start with some simple instructions and watch a few short videos to get you ready to go.
  • Then you’ll design 3 simple habits you want to do.
  • For 5 days Monday – Friday) you practice your habits get a daily email from me to help you fine-tune your habit and answer any questions you have about how to really make that habit stick!
  • Your daily interaction with the challenge takes just a few seconds from your day.  Easy Peasy!

Personal Tiny Habits Coaching

If you really want to personalize your habits,  register below for a 1 hour private consultation with me, a Certified Tiny Habits Coach before the challenge and get advice on how to really make them work for you. 
I'll be your personal coach throughout the challenge with unlimited emails for fine-tuning to:

  • Effectively personalize and develop your habits
  • Break down a big goal into doable Tiny Habits
  • Select the actions that will trigger you doing your habit consistently
  • Troubleshoot a Tiny Habits recipe to suit your needs and lifestyle
  • Understand how emotions affect your habit stickiness

We'll  have a 30 minute follow up call after the challenge to help define next steps so you keep succeeding with your habits going forward.

Ready to get started on the challenge with me as your coach?
GREAT! please register for the challenge by noon on Wednesday the week before you plan to take the challenge. 
This gives us time to schedule a pre-call to work together on the behaviors and habits you want to gain during the challenge. Click the button below to schedule and let's do this!