October 5, 2016

when to post on facebookI’ve seen many, many posts, infographics and videos on this topic and I’m here to tell you, there is no perfect time to post on social networks that universally works for everyone. Here’s the thing. It all depends on when the people you want to engage are active. If you’ve had an active account for a while, this makes it a bit easier to see when people want to talk to you.

If you have a Facebook business page take a look at your insights page. Click on the “people” tab within Insights and see at where your fans are from. Are they in the same country or  time zone as you? Several time zones?  This is going to tell you when you can reach those people most effectively. If your fans are 3 or more hours ahead of you, then start posting earlier and see what kind of response you get.
On the “People” tab notice there are 4 sub tabs

  • Your fans gives you a very general overview of where your fans are from.
  • People reached gives you an idea of your fans and their friends who saw your posts.
  • People Engaged really shows who actually engaged with the page. Likes, comments, shares or clicks on tabs, games or contests gives us a lot more information on when people actually do something.
  • Checkins probably only matters if you have a shop or restaurant where people can physically visit.

It’s important to note that if you run ads or promoted posts these numbers can be very skewed by the timing with which Facebook displays your ads. Be sure to look at your organic numbers for this exercise.

Now click on the Posts tab
We want to look at the Reach and Engagement columns to see which ones got the most engagement but that may not be fair to the posts. After all, if a really great post goes up  at a time when the fans aren’t there, they’re simply not going to see it unless they go look at your page when they are online. Studies show that a very small portion of  your fan-base visits your actual page on a regular basis. some say between 3 and 15%, so you’ve got to post when they’re around to see it and care. Of course you can glean a lot of information by clicking the Reach and Engagement column headers to sort by that column and see  what time the posts that got the most reach were posted.

It’s  important to look at when fans engage with your posts by clicking on the When Your Fans are Online tab under posts. This tab will show you, in your own time zone, when your fans are engaging with your content. Look carefully to see the correlation of when you post and when they engage with the posts.

facebool post timingBottom line, you have to pay attention to when the people you reach are online. If you post a lot and it seems like nobody’s listening it may be because they’re just not present on Facebook to see it go through their newsfeed. Very few people hang out on business pages. They see it in their newsfeed or they don’t see it at all. Sure, you can pay to get it in a percentage of your fan’s newsfeeds with promoted posts, but if they’re not there they’re STILL not going to see it.

Listen to your fans, set your posts up with them in mind and you’ll see better engagement!

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