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The amazing phenomenon of the #beme app launch

July 19, 2015

beme appLaunching an app on an invite only basis has been done before, going back to the invites for Gmail and several others, but Beme (say beam) took this a huge jump further, It has been WILD watching the frenzy over this app, and it’s consistently trending on several platforms, Twitter in particular. Is it because it’s restricted and therefore special? Or is it because this is the app we’ve all been waiting for?

According to Hashtracking , #beme generated 1,794,734 impressions with 1,500 tweets in the last day, and #bemecode generated 1,490,585 impressions with 1,500 tweets.

beme on instagram
image courtesy of Hashtracking.com

There’s a similar effect on Instagram as well with people fishing for likes to get a code to unlock Beme.

Below you’ll see examples of people offering codes for retweets, favorites, follows and even for sale. Beware, these codes are only good for one use and it’s highly unlikely that one posted live on any social site will be working for more than a few seconds. Also the spammers have run with this in order to build their own followings or just jumping on the trending topics. Yes, it’s that hot.


I randomly selected a few posts for your amusement.

It’s a video to nowhere people, and yet it has over 2400 views so far. Oh, and they’re running ads on it so they’re making a bit of cash on those views.

There are a lot of tweets like this out there but of course the codes were used but people keep tweeting them in hopes it will get them a code.

This is what it looks like when you finally DO get that blessed code.

Is Beme really cool?
To be honest I can’t say yet. As you can see from the screenshot above I haven’t gotten a code yet either. It sure looks like a great concept though. I’ll let founder Casey Neistat fill you in. Once you decide you want it for yourself you can download it here.

UPDATE! Thanks to a Beme user and the Beme team I got a code and have finally started experimenting with the app. Follow me @jfouts to see what I learn! (Thank you Dan and Ryan!)

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