Take the pledge, #putdownthephone before you kill somebody – Janet Fouts

Take the pledge, #putdownthephone before you kill somebody

#PutDownThePhoneI love live-stream apps and I’ve seen some amazing Periscope broadcasts. Sadly I’ve also seen some really scary stuff including a well know ‘scoper driving in the car with his wife and small kids while periscoping to a bunch of people how great his life is. True, I know this guy, his life IS pretty great, but why risk their lives to tell us??

I’ve seen others discussing this on multiple platforms, but this, this is the last straw. A woman actually ‘scoping while driving drunk and with a flat tire. The video is below.
Warning! NSFW. 

Drunk or straight please be smart. Pull the heck over if you’ve got something to say!
I’m asking YOU  to take this pledge and pass it on.
I will not not text and drive
I will not stream and drive
I will not Tweet and drive

Please share this post and even if you don’t. Don’t be stupid.

</end rant>

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