Engaging Your Audience

I connect your audience and inspire them to enrich collaboration, engagement, and creativity through mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

Hosting a successful event is no simple task. Everything has to come together, from the intention to inspire and empower attendees to planning every detail so all they say at the end is “Wow! Let’s do this again!”

As your speaker or facilitator, my job is to be professional, flexible, and communicative while making your event something attendees will remember. My promise to you will always be to create a program with your goals in mind and inspire attendees to reach their full potential.

With over 20 years of speaking and training, I am as comfortable on stage as facilitating a workshop, retreat, or virtual event.

certified Virtual Presenter

Virtual Speaking

What’s different about the virtual stage? Oh. Lots. I’m a virtual native here and I know how to get people engaged and participating, and I have the tools and setup to ensure great delivery and deliver programs designed for the virtual environment, whatever the platform.

Whether it’s a keynote, workshop, breakout, or retreat, I understand the unique challenges of virtual events, and adjust the timing, content, and level of engagement to suit your needs.

Keynotes to Breakouts

I’ve been speaking and training for over 20 years. My background in tech, marketing, and hospitality combined with extensive training in emotional intelligence and mindfulness helps me to relate to a wide range of audiences.

Every presentation is crafted to suit your needs and desired outcomes. Tell me what you want to audience to leave thinking, feeling, and doing, and I’ll deliver.

Hot Topics

Remote Leadership in a Virtual World

Today’s leaders face many challenges working with remote or blended teams. How do we move from transactional to transformational communication effectively with confidence and compassion? What does it take to encourage deeper engagement and productivity in our teams?  

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Understand the unique challenges of remote leadership
  • Smarter virtual meeting practices
  • How to keep a pulse on the team
  • The importance of relationship-building with all stakeholders
  • 5 tips for more effective team engagement

Format: Keynote :: Workshop :: Breakout :: Virtual Retreat


Resilience and Mindfulness in the Workplace

As a certified resilience and thriving facilitator, I’m uniquely prepared to work with the dynamic workplaces we are facing today. Your audience will learn how to adapt to change with mindful attention and gain clarity on their role to ensure success in life and work.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to manage through disruptive change
  • Skills to shift from stressed to thriving
  • The power of the pause and setting intentions
  • Embrace and draw strength from adversity
  • The purpose and freedom of change

Format: Keynote :: Workshop :: Retreat

Want to learn more about bringing me to your group?


As a conference producer, I was very grateful for her timely submission of all the requested materials, presentations and also how well-prepared she was for her presentation. She was engaging and very responsive to the needs of the diverse audience in the room.

R. Sharma

Janet is a talented group facilitator. Her skill set helps people feel open and safe, thereby setting up a learning environment in which attendees are willing to learn new concepts, connect with others and grow. 

H. Sloss

Janet provides just the right amount of authoritative and credible presence while being very warm, funny and approachable at the same time.

Tons of insight and fun to work with – I would consider myself lucky to get her again at any one of my events!

A. Lyndquist

The Caregiver’s Dilemma

On the TED website, this talk demonstrates my passion for the amazing power of mindfulness for self-care, communication in challenging situations, and leadership. Especially relevant during a pandemic!

I’ve spent years of study to create a workable way to be more resilient, less reactive, and find my joy again, and developed what I call Micro-dosed Mindfulness.   Let’s talk about how I can bring these concepts to your organization. 

Now, when our communities need us most, I offer up the tools and skillsets to take better care of ourselves, our businesses, employees, clients, and communities on whatever stage suits you best.

I’m a certified coach, resilience facilitator, mindfulness, and meditation teacher with over 20 years of experience speaking on stages large and small to individuals who want to make changes in their lives. I teach about living a mindful life and aid corporations who want to create a safe, productive, and collaborative environment,

Learn more on my About Me page and reach out to schedule time to talk about how I can help you best.