The Social Media Generalist

January 28, 2010

gen⋅er⋅al⋅ist   [jen-er-uh-list] –noun a person whose knowledge, aptitudes, and skills are applied to a field as a whole or to a variety of different fields.

I consider myself a generalist, especially when it comes to social media. Why? Simple. I’m a social media coach. It’s my job to have a macro view of the tools, strategies and platforms available to my clients and not keep all my focus on one thing. Not even social media itself.

In fact, social media may not be the best tool for every single situation. it’s one of many tools you might use in your marketing and customer relationship strategy, but it’s possible it doesn’t fit with your style of business or your needs. If that’s the case, I put on my on-line marketing hat and help you find the tools that WILL work for you. I’ve got a lot of experience in web development, SEO and a number of on-line marketing strategies, so it’s pretty darn likely I can come up with something both do-able and successful in a given situation. I can also help you roll with the punches if you find yourself in over your head and you need to streamline or need a recovery strategy.

Sure I have my favorite communication tools and I love to play with the new ones as they develop and grow. Still, I need to restrain my personal views about particular tools in order to serve my clients well and help them find the right direction. Maybe some of these tools will find their way into the program at some time in the future. Maybe not.

I generally take a staged approach just to keep the whole thing from being too overwhelming. It’s almost always easier/better/faster to learn one method or tool at a time and then move on to the next when you’re comfortable with that. It also makes for a more sustainable campaign. After all, you are in this for the long haul right? Nobody plans for their business to be a flash in the pan so why would your marketing program be one?

If what you’re looking for is somebody who can talk in-depth about your business goals, skill-sets and time constraints and recommend a set of tools to start with, keep on top of new opportunities and train you or your team in how to use these tools, then I’m your social media coach!

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