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Social Media and Hurricane Gustav

September 1, 2008

One of the many things we learned from hurricane Katrina was how important communication is to a crisis like this and how lacking we were in resources. Yes, there were a few really great information sites but communication online has evolved and this year, with hurricane Gustav, we are ready.

This time social media is making it easy to find information on what’s going on. Rick Sanchez from CNN said “what a remarkable tool, cable tv with twitter” and he couldn’t be more right. Links to on the spot information are popping up all over. Here’s one to an RSS aggregator that pulls in feeds from Flickr, Google, Twitter and several more. You can follow the storm alerts on Twitter from NOLA, the Red Cross, govenrment alerts and many more. Here’s a search that shows people Tweeting about Gustav.

You can get alerts on the storm, read Twitter posts from people who are in the middle of things, and track the storm on a number of websites and Google Earth.  You can get alerts and track the hurricane on your mobile phone with news from the National Hurricane Center.

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