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Small Business and Social Media Marketing


With all this doom and gloom about the economy you’d think nobody has anything good to say about business, much less small business, but that’s not the case. In fact, in these times small businesses do thrive, entrepreneurs come into their own and the first companies to fail might not have deserved their overblown budgets and glamorous digs in the first place.

Just like back in the “dot com” years, there will be a lot of fallout in the coming months. Some startups might never have gotten funding if it wasn’t for the gold rush of the last few years, and it’s likely those companies won’t make it. But the companies built by bootstrapping entrepreneurs may have a better chance. Here’s the thing about a small business built with entrepreneurial spirit. We got here because we know how to adapt. We adapt to the changing market, and develop new skill-sets based on the needs of our clients and the direction of our passion.We know how how to do things on miniscule budgets and identify opportunities. Chris Brogan equates this spirit to survive at all odds and to create something from nothing to a pirate ship, and he’s right on the mark.

Social Media is booming, and is really going to become the marketing tool of choice in this economic environment. Why? Two main reasons. It’s cost effective to implement and maintain, and the entrepreneurs who are most active in social media already have the passion it takes to build a successful social media marketing campaign. A social media marketing campaign is perfect for a small agile business that needs to market itself but doesn’t have a big budget to do it with. If the company evangelists are willing to spend the time working the right networks and creating a company strategy, they can work wonders on /2 the budget they’d have needed in traditional marketing.

Over the next few weeks I’m putting together a series of posts and podcasts focused on how small businesses can create their own social media marketing plans, understand the tools and options before they dive in and track the return on their social media investment. Interested in learning more? Subscribe to the RSS feed or email newsletter and I’ll let you know as new posts go up.

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