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Responsibility in Social Media and a Request

May 10, 2010

I’ve been very fortunate over the years to be able to do what I’m passionate about for a living. In the podcast last week with the Jennifer Lindsay we talked about the responsibility of those of us who have social capital and the knowledge to use social media to use it to help others. Whether it’s a huge non-profit changing the world or helping a child get the medical services he needs to have a happy life. We CAN make a difference and we should be using our knowledge to help nonprofits get the assets and resources and visibility they need.

Rimaan needs an angelA few weeks ago LaSandra Brill told me the story of a little boy who has overcome the most amazing odds. They said he wouldn’t walk. Now he can run. The doctors wanted to put him on a feeding tube, but instead his mother feeds him bit by bit so he can feel more like a “normal” child. Rimaan is 3 years old and he needs our help.

In order to help him lead a more normal life we are raising funds to buy Rimaan a Hyperbaric Chamber to deliver much needed oxygen to his body, reduce the inflammation of his brain and esophagus so his headaches are lessened and he can swallow normally. There is also potential for this treatment to increase his cognitive abilities, relax him so he can sleep and have fun like all kids would like to do.

So what can you do to help? Of course you could donate to the fund through the Paypal link on the right of this blog we’ve set up for Rimaan and his family, but even if you can’t donate funds you can help. Help us spread the word about Rimaan. Here’s a link to the blog about Rimaan and Facebook page we’ve set up. Tell your networks, write a blog post, tweet it and share it on Facebook. Help us locate a sponsor to help with the cost of the chamber or who will help raise funds. Ask the company you work for if they can chip in to cover part of the cost. Every little bit will help.

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