On forgiveness, resilience and reconciliation in Rwanda #MindfulSocial – Janet Fouts

On forgiveness, resilience and reconciliation in Rwanda #MindfulSocial

Recently I had  2 guests on the Mindful Social podcast and their story of their interactions with the people of Rwanda is truly inspiring. Dr.  Karin Jeffery from San Jose State University took a group of students on a faculty led program to Rwanda. One of the students,  videographer  Kevin Nguyen, kept a record of their trip and the stories they came back with are truly inspirational stories of the resilience of a country torn apart by a civil war and genocide in the time period between the late 1980s and the end of the 1990s.

Now, under a new regime, Rwanda has become a popular tourist destination and the people of the country have embraced a policy of forgiveness, love and reconciliation, even toward those who committed incredibly heinous acts.

I met Karin and Kevin recently and heard their stories, and wanted to bring it to the mindful social audience as an example of how people can find forgiveness in the worst of times, and how it has encouraged a sense of unity and reconciliation to the people of Rwanda.

Dr. Jeffery has supplied a list of resources and organizations they visited in Rwanda to download here. Feel free to share it!


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