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What do we want? JOY! When do we want it?

September 26, 2021

When do we want to feel joy? What a question. Now would be good, wouldn’t it?
It can seem like we’ve lost our ability to feel that sense of joy when everything seems in chaos around us. There’s a lot to feel icky about right now, but that really, REALLY doesn’t have to kill our sense of joy. Not at all. So what are you gonna do? You can mope around missing joy or you can find it right where you are, even when you think it’s left the building.

t’s just that we are out of practice really. Joy is right there, patiently waiting for us to find it again.

Join us for this workshop to uncover the joy that’s right here, all around you in this very moment. Even in moments of challenge and struggle, joy is right there waiting to lighten our load.

Janet will share strategies and tools to help reveal the secrets of experiencing joy in life, at home and at work and how that joy affects everything we do, everyone around us.

About the workshop:

  • Date: October 16
  • Time 10 AM PST- 12 Noon
  • Where: Zoom (link provided when you register)

Register here for this virtual workshop.

What you’ll need

Bring an open mind, a sense of humor, and be ready to connect with others like you who want more joy in their lives!

The retreat is held on Zoom. You’ll need a webcam and a microphone ( a headset is just fine).

The retreat is interactive and we will be doing practices together, sharing ways to incorporate joy in our lives, and diving deep into our mindsets with mindful attention to self-nurturing and care.

What to expect

• Gentle guidance to key concepts of mindfulness

• Simple ways to nourish joy in daily life

• Guided mindfulness meditation

• A safe and caring container for discussion and introspection

• Simple microdoses of mindfulness to continue your practice

• Free access to a weekly mindfulness meditation group

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