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Real-time feed search with Lazyfeed

I love reading RSS feeds and I hate it at the same time. You see, some of my favorite bloggers don’t post very often, so I end up scanning the same feeds over and over searching for new content. When you’ve got a lot of feeds this can be painful, and I’ve got a lot of feeds in several readers.

I use Twitter pretty heavily to find new authors through my network, and then I save them to NetVibes,  Google reader, My6Sense,  or my Alltop page (if they’re on Alltop) but that just adds to the number of feeds I have to scan for new content in the readers. My friend Michael Martine recently suggested ditching the RSS readers completely in exchange for Twitter, but he found he was missing  Tweets from his favorite bloggers when they posted and so he lost touch. Back to the RSS reader he went. Ari Herzog deleted almost 150 blogs from his reader to increase his productivity.  The noise was just too much. Now he’s re-building his reader from the ground up, which is what I really should do, but oh the trauma!

What I want is a feed reader that will rank my feeds by who’s posted most recently and let me see which of the various tags has had new posts as well.

Lazyfeed is looking pretty close to the answer.  It scans  for new posts on anything with an RSS feed, and  introduces me to new authors I might not have found through Twitter or searches.

Lazyfeed will also help you find relative topics based on your interests on your social networks. Look into the topics tab where you can connect your Twitter, Flickr, Delicious accounts or blogs and as new content comes up, that tag drifts to the top of the stack to let you know there’s something new. You can watch videos, view images and read excerpts of the post right in the Lazyfeed browser.

If you’re a trend watcher Lazyfeed will show you a list of hot topics from various networks compiled in an easy to use interface that’s updated every 10 seconds. You can’t get any more real time than that!

I’ve had Lazyfeed set up for just a little while, but I’m liking it a lot. I’m finding new content to discuss, new authors to follow and up-to-the-minute news and information on a variety of topics. Is it going to replace my feed readers? Not yet. I still have some treasured bloggers who don’t update often enough to stay at the top of my Lazyfeed stream very long and I don’t want to miss them.

I also found pretty quickly that my list of tags is really, really long. I watch tags for my clients as well and though it’s great to see a new mention of a client float to the top of the heap and be the first to read it and share it, it means I’ve got a laundry list of tags in my Lazyfeed live update section to scroll through if I want to find it.

I deleted several tags that were just too generic. Tagging Twitter keeps that at the top of the list and updates it with zillions of mentions of Twitter through my networks, so I’ve gotten in the habit of just doing a search for Twitter when I want to see what people are saying and not saving it to update. I get the search in real-time at the time I search, and that’s good enough for me!

All in all, I’m impressed with this new tool and it’s certainly a step in the direction we need to go to keep track of the ever-growing numbers of blogs to scan and track. Louis Gray summed it up on his blog when he said “Lazyfeed’s innovation makes the old-school blog directory, Technorati, look like chicken feed in comparison.”

Lazyfeed is still in beta, follow them on Twitter to get in line for an invite. I’ll post to Twitter when I have some available as well.

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Ethan Gahng

Hi –

found your post via lazyfeed 🙂
Yes, as you have pointed out, the key is to save specific topics. Generic topics will deliver you too much content. For example, You’ll get more focused results when you save “iphoneapps” compared to just “iphone”. Thanks for the great writeup, and stay tuned for more features. Thanks!

Louis Gray

I have been very impressed with Lazyfeed from its very beginning. It is not a traditional feed reader for me in the sense that I will get out of Google Reader, but it is a fantastic real-time blog search engine.


Agreed. Lazyfeed is not a traditional feed reader but it’s great to find new authors to add to my readers. The search capabilities are fantastic. I think maybe I’ll do some pruning before I add more though!

John Park

Janet, thanks for the good info. It appears that you may also like – another new real-time feed search engine.


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