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QR Codes – Inexpensive Fundraising for NPTech?

November 23, 2010

In this economy, not to mention at this time of year, a nonprofit really has to pull out all the stops in order to get noticed above all the others vying for support for their services. New York’s City Harvest is kicking off a  campaign that uses QR (Quick Response) codes on signage in phone booths, transit shelters and online as well. Scan the code with your cell phone and you can view the City Harvest web site, videos or donate directly through your phone to City Harvest.

QR codes are becoming more and more common, and for an organization short on expendable resources they can be quite the boon. QR codes can contain links to images, web sites, and a host of other cool things for users to find when they scan them. Create a QR code for free at sites like Kaywa’s free QR code generator, and if you’ve already got the web site and content built it’s just a matter of getting the code seen and scanned. There’s no cost incurred to use the codes, (there may be service fees with the donation and your payment solution)  so this is a very affordable way to reach out to new donors.

Of course this only applies to people who are either curious enough to try to find out what the crazy looking boxes are all about or someone who knows what a QR Code is and scans all the ones they find just to see what the links are! Learn more about QR Codes and how they work at the Social Media Coaching Center.

Go ahead, scan the code. Just hold your phone up to the screen and scan it. Don’t have a QR Code reader? Try my favorite QR scanning app, I-nigma and give it a spin. Dreamweaver

Want to learn more about City Harvest? Watch this video or visit their website (City Harvest.org )and see how you can help.


Wanna see who else is using QR Codes for fundraising? Checkout some of these campaigns.

  • The South Carolina Aquarium ran a scavenger hunt called “be rare” encouraging users to find 50 alligator stickers hidden around the city. The person with the most points won a visit to the museum’s rare albino gator and other prizes.
  • Vancouver’s Union Gospel Mission is using QR codes on their bus shelter ads allowing users to donate directly through their phones.
  • The fundraising site JustGiving automatically adds a QR code when you print out your fundraising page so you can share it with potential donors. They can scan the code and donate on the spot.

Have you seen other creative uses for QR codes? Please share them in the comments!

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