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Are You Trapped by Responsibility Fatigue?

March 25, 2019

Responsibility FatigueYou may not have heard of it, but there’s this thing called “Responsibility Fatigue”. It happens to a lot of us when we simply can’t say no. The more we don’t say no, the more people rely on us. At home, at work, out in the world. Sometimes it literally feels like there’s a sign on our forehead that says “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it”! And so we get overloaded, exhausted, often more than a little frustrated or angry.

As this NPR show mentions, Responsibility Fatigue can come in our middle age years when more and more of us are finding the need to care for aging parents. We may also be caring for our grandkids, a child with special needs, a partner or friend with a terminal disease. Often while working a full-time job too. It is exhausting.

So, what to do?
You really, really have to take care of yourself. Believe me, I’ve been there. Overwhelmed with work, caregiving, family, friends, and trying desperately to find time to just breathe!

That was a few years ago. Now I’ve learned new tools to take care of myself as well as all the rest. I’m no longer wondering how to make it through another day, I’m looking forward to each and every one. I even learned to calm my mind to meditate every day, and it’s become a grounding life-saver when things get tough. Life isn’t perfect, but it has become easier for me to get in touch with my joy, my passion and my own sense of being.

My life’s work is to help others learn these skills too
I’m teaching online, coaching one on one, in workshops, and on April 25-27th I’m hosting a  retreat in Sedona to teach skills in resilience and to bring the happy back into our lives.

Make time for your own self-care and join us!
I’m going to teach skills you can use to actually say no once in a while and be OK with that. Skills to reduce stress and build resilience to bounce back from the hard knocks life deals us. You’ll come home feeling refreshed and ready to apply what you’ve learned to daily life!

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