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Notes from the Association for Women in Communications Event in Tulsa

April 12, 2010

AWC: Tulsa Professional ChapterI presented on a couple of topics while I was in Tulsa; “Keeping the balance between personal and professional in social media”, and “Creating a corporate social media strategy”. Both are topics I deal with on a day to day basis when advising clients and their employees on social media, and they are probably two of the most common questions I get when I speak. If you happened to attend the event you can find the links from the session here.WE did record some of the presentations and I’ll post some video here when it’s been processed. Slides? I don’t really do slides with much text, so out

My take-away from this event is simply this. There are a lot of smart people working in social media in Tulsa and there’s a lot to be learned from them. I didn’t have a chance to attend all of the presentations, but here are some of the people I think you should definitely be watching if you aren’t already.

Nicole Nascenzi is the PR person for Rogers State University, Nicole moderated a very interesting panel on generational differences in the use of social media. She’s done amazing work with the RSU social media campaigns as well. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and their collection of blogs from students.

Mana Tahaie is the Director of Racial Justice for the YWCA Tulsa. She’s built a Facebook and Twitter campaign for the YWCA and is particularly interested in working with organizations to find low or no cost technology solutions to market and manage their organizations.

Bill Handy is Public Relations Professor at Oklahoma State University and he’s the co-founder of the Oklahoma Social Media Club and works with OSU on Socially Orange, a social network for OSU Journalism and broadcasting students where they can talk to each other as well as industry professionals. Upcoming plans for outreach to incoming students for OSU sound very interesting too.

Jeff Martin works with the Philbrook Museum and he’s dramatically improved social engagement online between the museum and patrons through the Twitter and Facebook pages and shifted the demographics of the patronage to a younger, hipper audience. He’s also an author and advocate for books (yes, of the printed variety) on Twitter as booksmarttulsa. Oh, and his presentation at Ignite Tulsa about lies was pretty great too.

Tasha Does Tulsa. Tasha wasn’t on the panels but after having heard about how she engages the local community I couldn’t help but check it out. She’s funny, she’s sassy, and she does an excellent job of marketing her community to her community on her blog, Twitter and Facebook.

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