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Say no more to social bullshit

February 19, 2016

Say no more social media bullshit

Social media can be a place where the negativity overwhelms us and leaves us no hope for the future of humanity. BUT only if we let it be that way.

Sure, it seems like fun to laugh at other people’s gaffes. It makes us feel a little better about our own sometimes doesn’t it? That’s just lazy.
There are people on the other end of the scandalous tweets, the bashing of a social media #fail, a slip of the pen or the tongue. “But it’s so funny!” I hear, and “Everybody else does it, I just shared it”, oh, and my personal favorite “It gets the clicks.” Bullshit. Making somebody feel wrong/bad/stupid may give you a little ego boost, but don’t you feel the tiniest bit of remorse afterwards? What do you think it makes you look like to others?

We have choices people.
These are our networks of connections. Our choices of friends. We can control what we see by opting out, unfollowing and, most importantly, not sharing the vitriol and bashing that is prevalent here.

So I ask you.
Make an effort to be compassionate about those retweets and shares. Take just a moment to have some empathy for the person on the other side of the story. If you were in their shoes how would you feel? Maybe you’d love a kind word right now?

I’m not saying everyone in the world is having a totally awesome day right now and we should show only the rosy side of our lives. That’s not human. We all make mistakes and share without thinking from time to time. Sometimes we hurt people without realizing it at all. All I’m asking is that we take time to think before we click send and if we screw up we own it, and try not to let these things snowball out of control.

Are you with me?

Click to Tweet: Let’s Just #SayNoMore to social media bullshit! http://ctt.ec/xdNr8+


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