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New features in Twitter user pages

If you’re like me you may use applications to post to Twitter most of the time, and go to the Twitter web site mainly to manage your followers. That’s how I saw the new changes in the Twitter follower and following pages.

Twitter / People jfouts is following

Now you can view your followers in a list form or opt for an expanded list with the user’s latest tweet. This is pretty cool if you want to get an idea of what the person tweets about before you follow them and you don’t want to click to every users’ profile before following. On the followers page it also shows you whether you’re already following the person or not.

Twitter / People jfouts is following

There’s a drop down menu on the right hand side (looks a little like Seesmic desktop’s icons) that lets you mention, direct message, un follow or block the individual.

All in all it’s a nice improvement, though nothing earth-shattering that’s going to keep me away from Tweetdeck or Seesmic.

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