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Finding Your What – Brant Menswar on #MindfulSocial

October 27, 2020

In this busy, busy world of ours, how do we know what to give our attention and our energy to? What is worth our focused attention, and how do we stay on the ball without being distracted by things that do not serve us? According to Brant Menswar, my guest this week, it starts with getting clear about what our real core values are and reinforcing their truth again and again. You know, the values that make us who we are, that ground and nurture our true self.

Brant is one of those people who inspire others to really dig deep and evaluate their beliefs, and in his new book. Black Sheep- Unleashing the Extraordinary, Awe-Inspiring, Undiscovered You, he unveils a strategy anyone can follow to locate and define those values that give you the WHAT you need to unleash your own black sheep―the five core values that make you who you are―to empower your life.

As you probably know by now, I have a soft spot for a caregiver, and Brant’s story of caring for his son Theo, who spent 263 days straight in the hospital with a rare blood cancer is a testament to staying true to what matters- no matter what. (Listen in on the podcast at about 40 minutes).

About Brant
Brant Menswar is one of the country’s “Top 10 Motivational Speakers,” a critically acclaimed author, award-winning musician, podcast host, and the CEO and founder of Rock Star Impact, a boutique agency that teaches people and organizations how to cultivate values-based leadership.

His innovative work has changed what’s possible for industry-leading organizations like Netflix, Verizon, SunTrust, Microsoft, ESPN, Hilton, Sony Pictures, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and dozens more.

Passionate, engaging and transformational, Brant encourages audiences to discover their “Black Sheep Values” and move forward with deliberate intention. His interactive and entertaining techniques of defining what matters most compels audiences to dive deeper into their lives and start living on purpose.

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