Meercat jumps on Twitter Video – Janet Fouts

Meercat jumps on Twitter Video

Do you MeerkatPeople are jumping on Meerkat, a relatively new app that allows us to live stream video directly to Twitter through the app.

Here’s how it works:

  • Download the iOS app to see who is streaming or click this link to see who’s streaming #meerkat on TwitterUse mentions on Twitter to comment or comment through the app and join the conversation there
  • If you’re streaming a Meerkat video it’s pushed to your followers on Meerkat in real time and viewable on Twitter in real time
  • Followers can “re-stream” your broadcast to their own followers in real time too
  • You can schedule a stream too, which will be broadcast to your subscribers
  • Once your stream ends you have the option to save your stream to your iPhone’s camera roll for editing and re-posting

Get started with Meerkat

Start your own session by simply adding a note about what you want to talk about. This is sent to your followers and posted on your Twitter stream with the #Meerkat hashtag and a link to watch live.It’s that simple to use.

I suggest you download the app and see who of your friends are streaming and watch some of the live streams on the hashtag above to see what they’re doing. Then just run with it. What’s the worst that could happen?

In some ways it’s like Snapchat in that it’s immediate and once the live stream is over the video is gone and can’t be seen again unless you save it and reshare it.

But why?

Now being able to live stream directly to your Twitter feed is super cool, but if your following isn’t there at the moment you are broadcasting does anybody hear it?

That’s sort of like that old ad adage if a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound?

Honestly some of the joy of Twitter is that serendipity of finding gems that you may have missed in your stream. That immediacy for which Twitter has always been famous. And of course, once you’re using the app you’ll get notifications when people you follow are streaming and can jump on to see what’s up.

I recently jumped on when Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman broadcasted their #SMACtalk show from the IBM mobile conference. What a great way to take advantage of being at a conference. For example, say you attend a brilliant talk at a conference or even online. Jump on Meerkat and give us your impressions and your own perspective and discuss it with your following in real time. Grab the speaker and have them join you in a live chat, or if YOU are the speaker then have your own breakout after the session live on Twitter. The possibilities here are pretty mind blowing.

Other people are using it for quick one offs to their fan base. Gary Vaynerchuck has been jumping on the Twitter video opportunity so it’s natural that he’d use this too. He did a quick Meerkat session while coming home in an Uber yesterday and over 300 people jumped on to watch, He had 61 retweets of the broadcast and 119 favorited it. Not bad for a couple of minutes of raw video shot in a moving car!

It will be very interesting to see how long Twitter let’s this Meerkat live or if they snap it up and buy it (as they should). In the meantime come follow me on Meerkat, I’ll be posting tips and tricks and random thoughts about mindful use of social media for business and just for fun. Stay tuned!

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