October 25, 2019

mean people suckI had such a great chat this week with  Michael Brenner, author of the brand new release,  Mean People Suck: How Empathy Leads to Bigger Profits and a Better Life, and it is on sale now, so you can snag your own copy or buy one for a friend (or better yet, that miserable co-worker or mean boss) and learn how to turn a toxic workplace into a healthier, happier place.

Michael shares with us what’s really at the root of being disengaged and miserable in our jobs, and spoiler alert, sometimes it’s US, our attitude, expectations or even our victim mindset.

Wanna know how we can get to a place where we allow ourselves to be happy in the job we’re doing by bringing empathy and service to others forward? This helps us, our brand, the company we work for, our customers and the world too. How awesome is that?

About Michael
Michael Brenner has been recognized as a Forbes top CMO influencer, a Top Business Keynote Speaker by the Huffington Post and a Top Motivational Speaker by Entrepreneur Magazine. He is CEO of Marketing Insider Group, where he has worked with more than 75 brands in building effective content marketing and employee activation programs.

Michael is the best-selling author of 3 books including Mean People Suck – how empathy leads to bigger profits and a better lifeThe Content Formula, and Digital Marketing Growth Hacks. Michael enjoys sharing his experiences and client stories to inspire leaders like you into action that creates impact.

Find Michael on  InstagramTwitterLinkedIn or Facebook too!

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