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Maria Ross The Empathy Edge on #MindfulSocial

October 22, 2019

Mindful Social with Maria Ross
Empathy in the workplace? What do we need that for? Ummmm. Everything silly.

When we have empathy for our customers we deliver better service. When we show empathy to our co-workers or our employees we can put ourselves in their shoes and better understand the dynamics of any situation.

Maria Ross shows us how every business should be embracing empathy and compassion to understand what’s really going on with our customers, our team, and our competitors.

In her new book; The Empathy Edge: Harnessing the Value of Compassion as an Engine for Success Maria helps us see what makes people successful is not just the most intelligent person in the room, Not necessarily the best concepts,  but the teams who have the best soft skills, the best collaboration, empathy and how we are starting to see more data and proof that soft skills really do make a huge difference in how success happens. Want to hear more about that? Listen up to the podcast. Then go get the book!

Listen to the Podcast!

About Maria Ross
Maria Ross, the founder of brand consultancy Red Slice, believes cash flow, creativity and compassion are not mutually exclusive. Maria has authored multiple books, including  The Empathy Edge: Harnessing the Value of Compassion as an Engine for Success. Maria understands the power of empathy on the brand and personal levels: In 2008, shortly after launching her business, she suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm that almost killed her and inspired her memoir, Rebooting My BrainShe has spoken to audiences ranging from The New York Times to BlogHer and has written for numerous media outlets, including Entrepreneur.com.

Find Maria on her website and social media:


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