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Losing the stress in the hospitality biz

September 12, 2019

Stress management in hospitality

Nobody who has ever worked in the hospitality industry is oblivious to the stress and fatigue that comes with the territory. Long hours on our feet, demanding and challenging work situations can add up to sleepless nights and wondering why we do this!

It’s common to turn to maladaptive behaviors like drugs, alcohol, overloading on late-night video games and simply not practicing self-care. But it doesn’t have to be like this. When we bring the tools of emotional intelligence and mindfulness into the mix we can get off the treadmill and take care of ourselves better.

About this class
The idea with this class is to bring my knowledge of working in the trenches and the weeds and combine it with tools to help us be more resilient, better communicators and team members. With a little sleep and some self-care we are all better humans aren’t we? Let me show you.

This isn’t the usual webinar where I show you a bunch of slides and you read your email. It’s on Zoom so there will be plenty of opportunities for real discussion and getting your questions answered. You’ll leave with real skills you can take with you to reduce stress and improve your relationships at work and at home!

Why me?
I’ve worked in hospitality since I was a kid, helping guests at my parent’s resort. Since then I’ve worked in pretty much every position in foodservice, from busser and dishwasher to waiter, bartender, pantry, pastry, sous chef and restaurant manager.

I loved those days but moved into tech with an award-winning community for people working in the business. Since then I’ve been trained in the art of coaching people on how to practice self-care with mindfulness and emotional intelligence. I’m also a best-selling author, speaker, facilitator, and mindfulness coach.

The class will be held online through Zoom, October 7, 3 PM PT.

C’mon, sign up and let me show you how easy it is to get a fresh perspective on work and life.
You can view it on any internet device, from your smart-phone to a desktop. There will be a recording available, but it’s better if you can be there and bring your questions.
Sign up below for all the info.


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